Henrik Purienne with Hannah Guest

morena1-capitalOUR first morena was shot in Beachwood Canyon, Los Angeles by the south african born photographer and filmmaker Henrik Purienne. He traces his lifestyle in everything he does. Founder, CoEditor and Creative Director of the international fashion magazine Mirage, Purienne has worked for magazines and brands such as American Apparel, LUI, Maison Kitsune, MIRAGE, Russh, Bershka, NYLON, Costume National, Adult, Camper, NEON, Zimmerman, Esquire, Adidas, GQ, MonsterChildren and Wildfox.


Sample spread of morena by Henrik Purienne with Hannah guest

Hannah Guest — Drunkenly. The internet brought us together via Dylan, via whiskey, via a love of nudity. Actually, I feel like we were destined to meet through a mutual love of all of those things. You held me naked under the moonlight and then we became best friends (I’m glad we’re still friends otherwise that photo would be embarrassing for both of us). If we hadn’t met then I’m sure you would have stalked me in the grocery store at some point. But that just make me being hopeful.

Henrik Purienne — Via a friend who wasn’t even a friend yet.. a talented young photographer based in NY who asked to meet for a coffee. He dragged you along. I think he called you his girlfriend. I thought you were just some hipster fangirl.. but then you brushed off a model scout with a hand gesture and I knew you were special. We ended up back at my place in the hills for some drinking, dancing, snapshots and general fun.. Dylan left the next day. You stayed.

Extract of the conversation between Henrik Purienne and Hannah Guest


Sample spreads of morena by Henrik Purienne with Hannah guest