Guy Aroch with Lais Ribeiro

guy-aroch-capitalThis second issue of morena was shot in different sessions during the year two thousand and fourteen by Guy Aroch. Guy is one of today’s most influential photographers, his photography is recognized by its plastic values and the proximity that evoke. Guy’s editorial partners include British Vogue, Muse, Harpers Bazaar UK, Centrefold, French, British GQ , L’Officiel, The New York Times, LA Times and WWD.


Sample spread of Morena by Guy Aroch

Miguel Figueroa — That’s only for you and Lais to know. Anybody who picks up the magazine will see it with a different set of eyes.
Guy Aroch — Exactly, and if that’s something that I’m able to achieve, that’s a beautiful thing. This is a story about Lais. It’s a voyeuristic story where she is controlling the situation, so whether it’s how she’s looking at us, what she’s doing, her sense of freedom, of being open and in control. That’s the sexy part. Going back to what’s a good love story, I think independence is very sexy. The opposite of that is just not. Clingy, dependent, no energy, I mean that stuff is just a turn off. Who wants more to take care of? Life is complicated and crazy enough. If you, as a man or woman, are taking care of your business, you’re going to be that much more attractive to other people. The fairy tale dream of “I’m gonna marry a rich man (or woman) that will take care of me” is such bullshit. It’s a relationship that is bound to fail. A strong woman is a beautiful woman.

Miguel Figueroa — When I first saw the pictures I thought that you guys were a couple who are on a sexy holiday together.
Lais Ribeiro — This is the thing between a photographer and a model. You have to be close to each other and be comfortable to do these kinds of pictures.

Extract from the interview by Miguel Figueroa, Taken place at the Victoria Secret’s campaign shooting on March, 2015 NYC


Two sample spreads of Morena by Guy Aroch